Of course there are other people that go to #vgfun, but they are not as cool as OPS. These are some of the people that aren't as cool but are still okay.

Real Name: Jesse Ingram
Use: Telemarketting Elvis

Real Name: Mike Burke
Use: services grapes
Quote: "that tractor is still driving around..."

Real Name: Steven Velema
Use: Wocket in my Pocket
Quote: "that was SO an alien, omigod"

Real Name: Dan Schnettgoecke
Use: Big Wood
Quote: "like wow"

Real Name: Rob Sanford
Use: Minister of Offshore Fisheries
Quote: no quote

Real Name: Sean Driscoll
Use: Pine Cone
Quote:"Damn it feels good to be a gangsta"

Real Name: Amanda Blackula
Use: Logic Cube
Quote: "dog -> animal -> food"

Real Name: Juan Linietsky
Use: Love Doctor


There are a couple of nutcases with no pictures. Here are some names of these people:

Ninjy, tal, Rachey, Sheepdog, and maybe some other people. Alluro95, RuneWalsh, Whelkman, Ranger_X, and Merit_Celaire are relics of a forgotten past. One time there was a guy named hamfork or something, I forgot.